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Alpha Designs 'BEAST' Lifting Straps

Alpha Designs 'BEAST' Lifting Straps

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The Alpha Designs 'BEAST' Lifting Straps have been designed and manufactured from the highest quality materials and have been developed, tested and approved by Eddie 'The Beast' Hall.

Our 'BEAST' Lifting Straps help you lift more when it matters. Our straps help strengthen your grip on exercises such as deadlifts, rows, pull ups and shrugs allowing you to lift more weight which means more you can build more muscle and strength. 


  • 60cm length - perfect for Olympic barbells and dumbbells. 
  • Neoprene wrist pad for extra wrist comfort
  • Heavy duty gel grips for a 'BEAST' like grip
  • Highest quality cotton and heavy duty stitching, ideal for heavy lifts
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